Services available for extra support during the program and beyond.

Additional support is available.

If you encounter challenges during the course of this program or you simply want to go deeper and get an even more personalized experience, you can supplement the group sessions with the services indicated below. 

Simply book as needed, at a day and time that suits your schedule. I’m available seven days and evenings a week. 

Psychic Life Coaching

Gain insights and direction from my direct connection to your subconscious wisdom.

Achieve clarity, motivation, and clear understanding of your next steps on your path.




Free yourself from outmoded beliefs, fears and habits that have been holding you back your entire life.

This process helps to place beliefs in your subconscious that work to counter subconscious patterns that hinder your path to joy, achievement and fulfilment.

Psychic Business Coaching

Get clarity on your next career move, or learn what you need to build your own business.

Discover how fulfilling your work life can be through the transformation of subconscious patterns and the realisation of your true calling.

Website Design

Have a website built for you that’s easy to operate on your own, or pay a reasonable rate for site maintenance.

Have a beautiful, fast and engaging site that reflects your unique talents, services and products.

Blog and News

Read the latest blog posts and news on upcoming events for the Soul Decision Leadership program.

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Saborra: What you need to realise is already here

Everything you need is at hand. The problem is: it’s not always what you want.

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Channeling Saborra

Channeling is something all of us do to some degree. The insights you have may result from an accumulation of wisdom over a lifetime ...

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Stay Positive, Stay Asleep

Thinking that being positive is a better choice can give us the idea that it’s somehow a failing if we don’t eschew the uncomfortable emotions for staying in our “happy place”.

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