Your soul knows your path.

We are here to follow our soul's original intent. It's time for humanity to awaken, to overcome old conditioning and activate our higher consciousness. It's time to harness our soul's wisdom.

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Benefits of this Program

Learn to overcome old conditioning and live a truly meaningful life informed by your higher consciousness to experience these benefits and more!

Develop Intuition

Build your inner connection

Discover Your Path

Recognise and flow with your soul plan

Tap Your Wisdom

Learn to access your higher consciousness

Act from Awareness

Stop reacting and learn to respond effectively

Live Your Purpose

Bring spiritual depth to relationships and career

Love Your Shadow

Befriend and unleash the power of your hidden self

Heal Your Chakras

Open the doors to vitality and universal connection

Serve Others

Lovingly respond from the soul and not the ego

Bonita Kay Summers

Bonita Kay Summers

I bring 40 years' experience as a psychic coach, inspirational speaker, and workshop facilitator to this long-awaited program.

Psychic Life and Business Coach

I have been giving professional psychic readings since the age of 18. I work with compassion and deep respect for my clients. My background includes certification as a crisis counsellor.

Advanced Psych-K Facilitator

I help clients worldwide transform limiting beliefs, fears and habits into constructive and decisive action for positive change.

Experienced Energy Work

With 30 years' experience in energy work, I'm able to see and feel chakras and observe how they reflect human consciousness.

What our clients have to say...

Insights from attendees of my workshops and seminars

Bonita is one of those rare individuals who can intuitively connect, yet still retain the larger perspective. Bonita has the ability to zero in on outmoded subconscious patterns that restrict us; the ones that keep us from realizing our full potential.
Peter Smither
CEO, Senior Project Manager
Bonita is a masterful and creative facilitator. Her workshops are unique, imaginative and always connective. If you are looking to tap into your intuitive energy while having fun along the way, Bonita’s workshops are the best place to start.
Dawn Clarke
Registered Therapeutic Counsellor
Bonita is a very talented public speaker. She is poised, well-worded, confident, and entertaining. I love her honest way of engaging with her audience. She certainly has a vast array of valuable information and experiences that we can learn from
Amanda Stevens
Paediatric/Perinatal Chiropractor

Move from confusion and fear - to clarity and confidence!