Channeling Saborra

I’ve always been a channeler, even before I knew what it was.

As a child, I would bring my mom a coffee in the morning, sit on her bed, and we would chat. Gradually, the conversation became more advanced, involving insights my young mind could not have generated. They were coming through me.

It was a strange experience. It was as though I was sitting next to me, hearing words coming from my mouth, and thinking, “I didn’t know that.” Afterward, I’d feel as though I’d had electricity running through my spine, such was the energy of the channeling experience.

In his book, “Evolution’s End”, Joseph Chilton Pearce talks about an incident in which his five-year-old came into his room, delivered a dissertation on everything he needed to know for his lecture that day, and left. Later on, when he brought this up with his son, the child had no memory of the experience. Children are natural channels, receiving from the world around them without interference. There were times I would receive snatches of wisdom from my children, for example, who might spontaneously make up a song that contained answers I needed in that moment.

Channeling is something all of us do to some degree. The insights you have may result from an accumulation of wisdom over a lifetime; they may come through in your writing; or they may be information received directly from Source, spirit, or – in my case – my soul group. This is the group of souls with whom I am aligned, who act as guides while I am in physical form.

When I was in my twenties, I wanted to gain a better understanding of the channeling process and learn how to work with it intentionally. So, I turned to Sanaya Roman’s book Opening to Channel. At first, the experience was challenging, as I adjusted to receiving information intentionally. Now, I find their wisdom available to me anytime I choose to tune into it.

I never felt it was important to give my soul group a name, but one came to me anyway. That’s how I discovered my group has a sense of humour. They call themselves, “Saborra”. This is Italian for ballast, and the information that comes through does indeed help me feel grounded, but the same word can also mean anything you might throw away. I’ve always suggested to anyone who listens to my channeling to take what is useful and ignore the rest. In other words, I am not producing some deified information from a cosmic authority. Instead, I receive concrete information that is useful, but I’m not attached to where it finds its audience.

Saborra and I are in the process of writing a book, which means I sit down at the computer and type whatever comes through. It’s an interesting process, because I never know what’s going to come up during a particular session, and it’s often prescient regarding issues that are about to apply to my life. The material, however, seems universal, and folks with whom I’ve shared some of the writing find it powerful and appropriate to their needs. So, the writing continues. The information that arises is pertinent to what is happening in our world, and the fundamental spiritual shift in human evolution occurring on the planet at this time, so I’m determined to finish the book this year and make it available to those who are drawn to it.

If you want to channel, I recommend Sanaya Roman’s book. It’s important to have some guidance when you first begin, so you can differentiate between your ego consciousness and the information coming through from a higher awareness.

If, like me, you grew up reading the Seth books, Edgar Cayce and other channeled sources, you may think it’s necessary to completely absent yourself from being fully conscious while channeling. This was often the case in past decades, but as humans evolve in awareness, we are able to be aware of more than one stream of consciousness at a time. Some of us are capable of letting channeling come through without checking out! Many of the exercises I’ve provided during my workshops have come from channeling. Saborra will take me through the experience before I ever offer it to the public, so I can feel how it will affect my workshop participants.

There is a wealth of information available to all of us, whether it comes from loved ones who have passed, direction from our higher consciousness, guidance from our soul group, or a direct connection with the Akashic Records.

Channeling can be verbal, auditory (messages you hear internally), or written. There is no one right way to channel. It’s simply about practicing receptivity, and allowing the information to flow through. Reading about techniques is useful, but as you get comfortable with channeling, you may evolve your own approach.

With practice, you start to notice a certain feel and perhaps internal imagery and/or inner voice that are characteristic of your channeled connection.

If you choose to channel, have a trusted companion with you when you are first adjusting energetically to the frequency of your channel. Go slow, be relaxed, and know that whatever you receive shouldn’t be critical or derogatory, but helpful and supportive.

A message from Saborra:

Leading yourself into new territory requires a letting go of old ideas, especially those that create a false sense of comfort and security. When we endeavour to operate in a broader, expansive capacity, it is like shattering the jar to allow the liquid to expand in all directions. Sometimes, the sensation is decidedly unsettling. Trust there is a greater container for your expansion, the limitless universe. It is a field that goes on into eternity, but it offers to those who receive it a security on a different level: an awareness of unity with all, so that no one struggles alone, no one triumphs alone. All are in step, in sync; everyone sharing in each other’s joy and pain. 

Small containers keep you from growing. They limit your world, and ultimately stop expansion of any kind beyond the limit your ego has set. When you accept a life without barriers to growth, you allow all circumstances, all people, all experiences to affect you, to shake you out of complacency and show you a world beyond the one you had thought existed. 

There is so much waiting for you all. Such potential. Expansion is in your very nature. Fear is the habit that causes you to seek a shell in which to crawl. Don’t turn away from the beautiful world unfolding even in this moment. Don’t believe for a second that the world is doing anything more than a death/rebirth. It is painful, but it is necessary to bring forth new growth, new life.

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