My Story

For more than 40 years, I’ve explored meditation, breathwork, spiritual retreats, and practices with teachers and mentors to be able to offer you a comprehensive program of psychic and spiritual development.

Life is a spiritual adventure.

Bonita Kay Summers

My Background

At the tender age of 18, I did my first professional psychic reading. I had been studying at that point for several years, having descended from psychics in the British line of my family and having had paranormal experiences since early childhood.

While I’ve always worked as a psychic, I’ve enjoyed a comprehensive career life that included work as a journalist, freelance writer, yoga instructor, software developer, crisis worker, editor of a national business magazine, and as a university administrator. My varied background richly informs my work as a psychic life and business coach.

Years of Experience

Countries Served

My greatest joy comes from helping you see how gifted you are, and supporting you to bring to consciousness the treasure residing within you.

My Experience

My professional and personal pursuits have made me adept at handling crisis, advising on career change and strategies for business, and supporting my clients through relationship and family upheaval, as well as guiding spiritual seekers on their journey toward conscious realization.

The Soul Decision Leadership program includes teachings compiled from 35 years of workshops, seminars, and keynotes along with channelled material to provide a comprehensive program to support all areas of your life, career, and spiritual path.

Psychic Life and Business Coach

Over 40 years as a professional psychic informed by a background in crisis work, and as an editor of a national business magazine, journalist, author, and university administrator.

Advanced Psych-K Facilitator

10 years as an Advanced Psych-K Facilitator, offering sessions in person and online.

Speaker and Workshop Facilitator

35 years of offering workshops, public speaking engagements and seminars as an inspirational speaker and teacher.

What People Say

Bonita has an amazing way to reach the true part of you that needs the most gentle and loving nudge. She was so amazing in our session and really gave me the most honest and divine clarity. I am so grateful for her gift and support, and feel blessed to know her.
JB Owen
JB Owen
As a Business Mentor, your advice, support, and encouragement were invaluable. You helped the program participants remain focused on what was important to the success of their business. Thank you for your commitment to sharing your knowledge and past experiences for the sake of the learning of your mentee.
Debra Tamagi
Debra Tamagi
I had a couple of readings with Bonita about a year ago. As I look back and listen to the readings, they were exactly what lessons I have been presented with this past year. Her advice and coaching really helped me find clarity and direction. She has a wonderful personality, easy to talk to and very intuitive. Thank you so much, Bonita. You have been a great help with bringing out more of who I really am and how I approach life.
Darlene Turner
Darlene Turner
Bonita has a great sense of humour and charming personality that immediately sets you at ease. She is easy to talk to, and offers pragmatic advice through her work, helping you to solve whatever is at hand as quickly as possible. It is easy to feel that she is on your side, and has a sincere desire to help you with whatever you need. I would absolutely recommend working with Bonita!
Charles Hurtubise
Charles Hurtubise
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