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Welcome to Soul Decision Leadership:
an evolution in human consciousness

Designed for You

Soul Decision Leadership is a three-month online program tailored to burgeoning spiritual seekers like you, who are ready to address the limiting beliefs, fears and subconscious patterns that have held you back, and discover the clarity and confidence you need to hear and trust yourself, act from your inner knowing, and become a leader in your own life.

This is not a program designed for the masses. Groups are small to ensure that you will be heard and your needs will be met in group sessions and in private consultations. Your soul consciousness dictates how you work the program, as established in an initial private session at the start of the program, where you will be instructed as to how to use the modules to address your specific patterns and beliefs, and align with the path your soul chose for you.

Module 1

Getting Ready to Know

Moving beyond knowledge to direct understanding through intuition. Learning how to live an intuition-directed life.

Module 2

Accepting the Inevitable

Working constructively with circumstance, and discovering the innate leadership from the universe in every situation.

Module 3

Tools for Starting Over

Recognising that you are not your ego, and returning to your natural state of consciousness, thus allowing the support of the universe. 

Module 4

Discovering the Observer

Learning to stop impulsively reacting, and effectively respond to challenges by becoming the Observer.

Session begins January 17th. Book your Free 30-Minute Discovery Call now!

About Bonita

For more than 40 years, I’ve explored meditation, breathwork, spiritual retreats, and practices with teachers and mentors to be able to offer you a comprehensive program of psychic and spiritual development. 

This is the first program to include sessions with my soul group, Saborra. Their guidance will be offered throughout the course via channelling videos, insights, and exercises from their teachings as well as my vast library of materials from more than 35 years of workshops and seminars.

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